Thursday, August 27, 2009


I might be stupid.....might. I am definitely in 3 workout classes this semester. Why? Because I became a heifer in Europe...and because I have too many credits and need a full load for a pell grant. As I sit here sipping my protein shake that tastes like chocolate cardboard, I feel like skinny peoples lives must suck. They never eat good food, they never lay around and watch TV, they never get the thrill of feeling their whole body jiggle as they run for the Ice cream truck. I mean what kind of a life is that? Really. how do yo appreciate the little joys in life if the big ones are non existent to begin with. Interesting. Maybe us fatty's have more taste buds than skinny ho's. It could would explain the desire to have lovely things to snack on while sitting around watching really skinny people on TV...that's how us oinkers feel good about ourselves...we watch skinny people and laugh at them for being so pretty and skinny. Suckers.

Also here is something else, I really do not understand Food for thought. When people say that you know what I think? nothing. I think nothing. I just see a slide show of scrumptiosness and my mouth starts to water. Stop saying that. It makes me hungry and stupid.

another point of interest, Broseph comes home from his mission tomorrow. I am excited. 2 years in Italy does a body good. I hope he brings me Ring O's...a delicious cookie that is sort of like and oreo/shortbread exoerience however unlike real oreo's they are made with real chocolate and have a creamy smooth chocolate center....there I go again...heart racing...hands twitching...mouth watering...body preparing for sweet things. Delish. Anyway if he doesn't bring me home some cookies... I don't know if I will be as excited to see him. Sad...shallow? yes... but like I said Food is my ONLY thought.

Can I just say something else...remember the post I wrote about the sweet treats I planned to eat while I was studying abroad? well when I was trying to get the Image of the bakery from Google. I typed in European Sweets....bad idea...guess what I got an Eye full of? Nasty European people doing NOT so sweet things to each other. Including dude on dude and the female version of that scenario. Priceless. I all my years I never thought I could have a food gasm ruined...too late. That killed it. Good thing Husband didn't walk in and say what are you looking at...that could have been awkward. So next time you want to look at photos of something good to SPECIFIC in your Google search. If you don' will not be happy with what you find. Doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee....

Bon Appetit!

P.S. Yes these are all photos of me eating...surprised? You shouldn't be.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In the dark of the night people will find her....ooooo aaaaaaa oooooo.

I am bossy. I like it. In the words of Ricky Ricardo,"Let me asplain." I am definitely a Type A personality. I boss.....naturally. I am quick on my feet, and a problem solver to boot. Therefore, people either hate me or love me. In the words of Lady Sovereign, If you love me thank you, if you hate me (potty word) you. Just kiddin guys. I feel bad sometimes because I know I have it in me to be a real Stinker wiener as my baby sis would say. I have let mean Megan out every now and then and while she is here she is fun and powerful but when shoulder angel says stop you are a crazy just threw a fork into the wall....I digress. I am trying to learn to keep mean Megan at bay. Its hard. Once I didn't say something I wanted to say really bad, and I felt good a year after. Pssh.

But I do enjoy a constructive environment to use my bossy skills for good not evil. Like being in charge of stuff. Then I get to be called the bossy head. I love Bossy head, but I love baseball more. Name that movie. Anyway, the point is if I have ever bossed you around...sorry I was intoxicated by power, just like Rasputin.

In the dark of the night .......

Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I made it! I went five weeks without a hug or a kiss from my husband, without my best friends shoulders to cry on, without a word of advice form my mom, or a nod of appreciation from my dad. I missed the fourth of July my favorite holiday. I missed Wake boarding with my friends, I missed watching my baby sisters eyes light up in the new Harry Potter movie, I missed watching movies with my sweet husband on the couch, I missed my freakin bed, and most of all I missed my life....But it was worth it. It was worth the sacrifice. I left everything for an adventure ll my own and although it was hard to be alone and cut off from everything that defines me. I was still me. I became more of myself than I have ever been. I grew up at the age of 23. I thought I was all grown up, I thought; I am a married woman of three years, I am a friend, a sister, a student, all the things you would think a grown up is. However something happens when you do something you have always wanted, something that has been on your life long list of things to do. When you cross that goal off your list, the feeling of accomplishment is like none other. The knowledge that with the support and love of those around you, you tried and succeed. I reached and did not fall short. Its a pretty fabulous feeling. I saw things I never dreamed I would see. I felt Van Gogh paintings tell a story through my emotions. I saw the way the light glides over the smooth marble of the Winged Victory. I walked through candlelight in a french chateau. I Climbed to the top of a Gothic cathedral to see the view. I sketched the Eiffel tower. I survived London Tower. I saw Phantom Of the Opera. I experienced the luck of the Irish. I ate my weight in Scones and Cream. I had the time of my life, and I am so happy to be home. To eat Cafe Rio, to kiss husband every night, to be understood when I speak, and to have the luxuries of our amazing country. To know I was missed, and be greeted with Flowers, a clean car, a groomed husband, and a home made jewelry box. Seeing the world is unthinkably divine, but there is nothing like coming home to the place you love the most. Theres no place like home.