Thursday, March 18, 2010

From St. George to saintly hood.

For spring break we went to Vegas and St George. Oh my gosh we had so much fun! I got sunburned and my armpits itch, because I decided that while I was laying out I would layout with my arms open while floating in the pool. Well water reflects bright sun, and I never thought you needed to put sunscreen in your armpits. HOLY CRAP people!!! Put sunscreen in your armpits!!!! Its so itchy and annoying. Not to mention a great excuse not to wear a bra...which is cute if you have little boobs. But in my case, Big Boobs Magee as my friends lovely husband refers to me as, I gave myself and an old man walking next to me a black eye. NEVER doubt the power of the over the shoulder boulder holder! Praise the under never know how wonderful it is till its MIA. OK so I really didn't give anyone a black eye....yet! We did though ahve a great time and I even got to shop! I bought so many new things and husband didn't care. What a gem! He loves me....I sort of thought he did before, but now I really know he does because he let me spend oh so much money and I didn't have to show him my boobs to persuade him once! Who knew?

I ate back all the weight I lost. In one week. I was happy while doing I am sad and fat and reminiscing. Boo. 3 months of hard work and rabbit food, down the drain in one week of spring break carb fest! eff.

We took no photos. Other people there did. of themselves. we didn't. sorry

I am preparing for the week of hell forthcoming. 2 years of school, 2 years of preparation, one husband battered and bruised from calming the crazy inside of me, a move across state, giving up a great job, giving up Ty's great job, and leaving family and friends behind has all boiled down to this week and the review at the end of it. My life, I have wagered my life on this. Everything I hold dear I have sacrificed for this moment and as it vastly approaches...I might be a little quivery. I am scared and this time I can't just say my prayers on top of the bed to avoid the Alligators underneath. This time its me and the beast. Mano y mano. All my strength I have mustered and I will now proceed into war. From now till April 2nd, I will be in constant anxiety, hoping, praying, waiting for a the letter. Wish me luck! Thanks Spring break, I needed you and now I gird my loins and charge!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sometimes I do things just for fun. Well prior to the occasion I think it will be so fun! Then while doing all the work prior to it I WONDER what in the world was I thinking? I hate it. Then d day comes, and I am so happy I did it! What am I talking about you ask? Well last Friday, my freaking awesome friends, Kylee and Jess and I hosted a party for IDSA. Which is the Interior Design student association. Well it was a smashing success let me tell you. What happens when three fabulous designers get to gether to throw an event in less than 24 hours you ask?
nothing but incredible awesomeness!

If you havent guessed, the theme was Alice in Wonderland!

This is the awesome table.....description please?

at the entrance to the party we had this cute little table with Jones soda that we wrapped in adorable paper and little sugar cookies in cellophane bags each with a tag that said Drink Me, and Eat me. Just like at the beginning of Alice!

This is a shot of the whole shebang! We had Alice In wonderland playing on the flat screens and all the lights dimmed except for the center aisle where you walked through rows of curly going through a rabbit hole perhaps? At the very end of the rabbit hole, we had a MAD tea party! With Chinese lanterns, and streamers, and every tea cup different than the next! All we were missing was The hatter himself!

For the Main entree we served a creamy garlic Alfredo pasta with sauteed tomatoes, and pan seared ham in the shape of a smile! We toasted pita bread with olive oil and rosemary for ears and fresh cherry tomatoes for eyes....can you see a cat like resemblance?
Cheshire baby!

The salad was so good! we had a baby spring mix salad with fresh cantaloupe and kiwis, all lightly drizzled with a blush wine vinaigrette. It was light and fruity and a perfect predecessor to the pasta!

This is a close up shot of the table scape...SO FREAKING CUTE!

I took the photo...everyone agreed. A fabulous event! What a sight to behold!

We finished the evening off by a trip to the theater to watch the new Alice in Wonderland.
It was awesome. Totally inspiring. From my mad tea part to yours.....