Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its up to you...New York, NEW YORK!!

Hey all,

Reporting here live from the big apple. 
All is well!
I live in a constant state of grunt work and sleepover parties. every night, me and five of my roommates crawl into our boudoir of wall to wall air mattresses, and giggles. I am not going to lie, its gets a little crazy! 
I love new York, I feel the way I felt in Europe, like I am more at home here, than I am in my hometown. Sans the people nearest and dearest being thousands of miles away, I love everything about it. 

I miss hubs. 

He makes me laugh like no one can, and turns out I have a hard time sleeping unless righty is being groped. I have adjusted, I sleep with a travel pillow around my neck, it helps to recreate the "I might die of suffocation, he is so close to me," feeling. The feeling I apparently need to sleep at night...ha! who knew? I guess I like it after all.

I love my internship, I have gotten to see and do a lot of really cool things, like see all the places she has been featured in magazines for and some custom designs of my own, including a giant plaid application for a client. The money in this city is extraordinary. 

As per expected I have eaten like a goddess here. I love the food, It is so choice. Except when my "trainer" is around, Then I eat like a rabbit. Oh! Did I mention? I am supposedly running a half marathon at the end of the summer. Kill. ME. Now. Husb bet I couldn't and I had to challenge him. So I am in training. I run in central park every morning and do other things like push ups, plyometrics, and strengthening excercises. Its not bad except walking anywhere after makes my butt and legs cry out in the agony of a thousand lost souls. 
Just a small example of the pain. 

It was our ANNIVERSARY yesterday. 5 years, and I admit it has been a little hard. Homeboy sent me a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses to my work and Me and the girls hit up max brenners for a chocolate foodgasm. It was oh oh oh so good. 

mmm chocolate.

Sorry still thinking about it....anyways, the humidity is here and I can't tell how attractive you feel in it. Like a misting of hot breath down your shirt and in your creases, all of them. HA! Sexy, good thing I am taken or all the black men that holler at my fat booty would be all up on this. ( note that I said black men...its because literally they all look at my butt, no white men, I don't even notice until I look over and they start yelling at me about my "sweet ass" and although I am not one to be upset about that kind of thing, its a little upsetting that its only black men, its great ammunition when running, The white dudes like the small butts, and I happen to be a white dude kind of girl. Hence my Caucasian husband.) gross. 

anyway from me and all my little ducks here in this upper east side apartment, and my African american fans...
Peace and Blessings!!