Monday, December 12, 2011


Guess what has been stuck in my head ALL weekend?

Batman's in the kitchen,
Robin's in the hall,
Jokers in the bathroom,
Peeing on the wall! 

Classy no?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi! Oh you don't remember me?

I thought for sure I could neglect you for months on end and all of you would still remember me without even an ounce of hesitation. 
Sorry for the delay folks, Honestly I neglect this blog the way I neglect my homework. 

since all of the non blogging, I haven't really done anything exciting. 
Ty and I are still just trucking along in school. Can I graduate yet? Seriously? 
I want to be out of school and onto real life so bad I would give my first born to 
Rumpelstiltskin if he could make it happen now. 
Great for me, sucks for the kid. 

Life is crazy and there either seems to be too much time or not enough. And although I can't wait for real life to start and to earn money and not turn around and give it right to the school, I have been thinking lately
that there are some things I am so grateful for, that if I didn't say them out loud, 
I would be doing them a disservice

  • I have a really amazing family. They make me crazy and happy all the time. I love them and they are always there for Tyler and me. They even put up with an occassional appearance of the hulk when I get too little sleep and too much stress. 
  • I have the best friends in the world. Seriously really amazing people. I have friends that have stuck by my side since elementary school, through my ups and downs, introduced me to my hubby, inspired me creatively, introduced me to diet coke, and help me laugh at myself. My friends are the best part about my day, whether its phone calls, drink runs, or hate dancing, the happiness they bring makes everything better. 
  • I am in one of the best Interior Design programs in the nation. I have learned so much and although this has been the absolute worst year ever, as far as school goes, despite the major problems, it is so awesome. I am inspired everyday, and love everything about it. 
  • I am sort of in a healthy state. I mean I could be so much worse and I am so much better than I have been in while. So I am grateful for the not too distant future where I have no ulcers, thyroid, or insulin issues. Don't you worry carbs and Diet Coke....I am coming back for you, someday, I swear! 
  • My husband. He is so so good to me, and loves me despite the appearance of my ugly side(s). He treats me better than I deserve, he picks up after me when I pass out from exhaustion, he makes me protein shakes in the morning and popcorn at night. He thinks I am funny, pretty and smart. Even if he is way smarter than I am, he pretends that I am the smartest, because I like it. He always knows when to shut me up, hold me close, and let me cry. He is everything I never knew I wanted, but have always needed. he is the breathe to my life. 
  • The gospel. I am so thankful that I know I am a daughter of our heavenly father, and that he knows me. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have, and that Ty and I can live with him forever. I am of late especially most grateful for answered prayers. They take such little effort and produce such big results.  
So there you have it. My little list, of what makes my world go round. Its short but important, just like midgets. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DC to CL

Lots has happened, None that is exciting. 
My ulcer is much better now that  I am on strict order from doc to never again drink diet coke....

Moment of Silence for the loss of a DEAR friend.

On the plus side I haven't woken up with searing pain in my abdomen for over a week.
However I am also off all of them. 
I don't know if you know me or not, But I am a Carb girl. 
Like, it lights up my life in  a way that
makes my husband jealous and
my family and friends embarrassed to take me out in public. 

despite all the set backs, I am actually a lot healthier and less tempted by 
They that shall not be named. 
( this is what we call bread and cake and treats now, not out of fear like in the Voldemort/Harry
issue but more in the pining loss of the meaning in your life, kind of way. ) 

I have however substituted my addiction with crystal light lemonade and 
sauteed zucchini. 
Us addicts always have to have something to be fixated on right?

The only reported loss so far was when I got mad at my husband for having an adorable teeny, tiny, tooshy. Why does he get to have a slammin body when he doesn't even care that much about it? 
Curse him and his perfect body. 
Serious I get naked and you can literally feel the house shudder. 

 Well that's all for now, lost in the land of studio, Netflix, and Crystal Light Lemonade. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ready, Set......

School has started.
let the stress begin....

On a more exciting note:
I get to hang out with these peeps
(who happen to be my freakin fav)

Cheers to you and with a little Diet Coke and 
Frozen Yogurt we just might
make it through this year!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't you just LOVE....

spending the day at the water park with the fam.....

getting splash attacked by your parents even if they are 48 and 53

eating IN-N-OUT in chlorine soaked clothes.....

and spending the evening baking red velvet cupcakes with the BEST SISTERS in the WORLD?

I do. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the end of an era

I am sitting here waiting for my shuttle to come collect me and my things. I am leaving on a jet plane...all my bags are packed....I am ready to go...
you get the idea.
I am so excited. I am SO excited to see my sweet husband and to feel small and safe in his big long arms. I miss him so bad my body aches. I always feel so lacking when we aren't hanging out.


Over the past 2 1/2 months something happened.
I fell in love. With New York.
I love it here. I absolutely love it here. I even love the mean people and the creepers that tell me god blesses me for being sexy(pretty sure it doesn't work that way)
There is something so incredibly charging about this city and my favorite part is the way the city become cozy and magical and alive with a frenzy of possibilities at night. There is something truly awesome about this city at night. It doesn't matter if you are running in the park to a backdrop of luscious tall trees, and sparkling cityscapes, or downtown at a fancy party, rubbing elbows with the most interesting people you have ever met, its something in the air that brings a level of anticipation and excitement for the possibilities that are waiting.

I can't even talk about the food. It is the best thing that has ever happened to my tummy, in terms of the food put inside not the effect it had on my waistline (duh duh duuuuuuhhh!) The best of so many things have happened here and you never which restaurant is going to be the next experience to blow you away.

So while I sit here, anticipating what will be the best hug I have maybe ever had sans my wedding day, Part of my heart is breaking a little. I love this city and the affect it has made on me.
I am braver here, I wear red lipstick whenever I want. I dress like I am too cool for school and I don't feel like an imposter. I give directions to tourists like a local. I yell at cab drivers when the almost run me over, I walk fast and I now know the subways like my way around a pizza..(which is extremely well.....wink!) I feel cooler here. And maybe its not true, maybe I was to shy or scared to do all of these things before and they were buried deep down inside of me, but regardless, The city changed me. The city taught me, and above all inspired me.

As I contemplate my life back home and what I am so anxiously awaiting to return too, I know that I am forever better for what I have learned and grown to be here.

I think the street vendors said it best...


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Perky Birds.

I did it. I decided to try and be open...meaning not private for a while. Main reason I was private...buhcuz I didn't like the idea of peeps I don't know or like reading my life. But I thought I would give it a go. Its been like 2 solid years of private - ness and I feel Nakey! Eeeeewwww. Ha!

Hello again world, How have you been?

I am great. I love New York, with a passion.
I feel like it likes me back.

Yesterday while eating at the shake shack with 4 other of the most fabulous women I know, we were trying to find a great table to sit at...during lunch hour, in Madison Square park, in the shade...impossible you say? uh, YEAH. Nevertheless ( I feel biblical when I say that word, like extra fancy) we prevailed, until I figured out why the seat was so available. It all started when I literally carried a table on top of my head over a crowd of peeps to insert myself and friends int he shade, because really the 90 degree weather and intense humidity was just a little too much fun for me. Whilest setting down said table I stepped on something extra soft. Hmmm. Gravel, is what I should be feelign right? ( I thougth to myself)
Yeah, I think thats why I have several tiny rocks rolling around in my cute shoes. So I lifted my foot only to find that I was not somehow stepping on a nice stray patch of grass or, a pretty flower, was something much better.

A. Dead. Bird.

I imidiatly tasted blood in my mouth, I am not sure why I react this way, I always have, everytime I run over someone elses roadkill by accident on the road, I taste blood in my mouth. Its not really there. Its my intensly overactive imagination, but either way, its there, all coppery and gross.

Dead bird. Dead bird. Dead bird.

I starrted dragging my leg around the ground like a homeboy with a janky leg. This is not uncommon here in New York, but for me, it was very uncoordinated and I was sure that if I looked under my shoe I would see baby bird eyeball stuck to my shoe or something.

Well if that wasn't enough halfway through the best burger you will ever eat....Some naked chic covered in paint,( it was a nice color scheme if I might add ) walks up to the middle of the park and just stands there. I could not stop staring at her pennys. ( thats code word for the pointy part of juicy doubles ) They were so perky. Why? Does paint bring this to be? Oh wait it was probably the fact that she was wearing only a thong in front of at least 600 people while a man painted more designs on her slender, albeit very naked body. I took a bunch of photos...of course.
Best part of the day?
That not one of us, even thougth twice about it. and most of the people didn't even look up. I mean we are talking seriously naked, and perky pennys people. The popo almost shut her down, But then they decided it was fine. I watched them tell her and her artist, it was no problem. I am positive it had nothing to do with the penny situation. absolutely positive.

Its art. Living, breathing, perky art. I wonder if it would have been "ok" if the painted naked subject was a perky man? I will try it as soon as I get a volunteer and let you know. You think Husb would be willing? I could like match the blue in his eyes or soemthing really cool. Thats what everyone will look at first, His eyes, and nothing else, I am positive. Which brings me to my next topic, I will now be taking donations for Bail, after I attempt this art project. Thousand dollar bills need only apply.

I guess thats what you get for eating lunch outside in New York.

Did I mention how much I love it here. Its just so perky!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

posting = lame

I have no desire to post. Because no one has a desire to post when they know that no one is reading what they post. No comments = no readers = no reason to post.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its up to you...New York, NEW YORK!!

Hey all,

Reporting here live from the big apple. 
All is well!
I live in a constant state of grunt work and sleepover parties. every night, me and five of my roommates crawl into our boudoir of wall to wall air mattresses, and giggles. I am not going to lie, its gets a little crazy! 
I love new York, I feel the way I felt in Europe, like I am more at home here, than I am in my hometown. Sans the people nearest and dearest being thousands of miles away, I love everything about it. 

I miss hubs. 

He makes me laugh like no one can, and turns out I have a hard time sleeping unless righty is being groped. I have adjusted, I sleep with a travel pillow around my neck, it helps to recreate the "I might die of suffocation, he is so close to me," feeling. The feeling I apparently need to sleep at night...ha! who knew? I guess I like it after all.

I love my internship, I have gotten to see and do a lot of really cool things, like see all the places she has been featured in magazines for and some custom designs of my own, including a giant plaid application for a client. The money in this city is extraordinary. 

As per expected I have eaten like a goddess here. I love the food, It is so choice. Except when my "trainer" is around, Then I eat like a rabbit. Oh! Did I mention? I am supposedly running a half marathon at the end of the summer. Kill. ME. Now. Husb bet I couldn't and I had to challenge him. So I am in training. I run in central park every morning and do other things like push ups, plyometrics, and strengthening excercises. Its not bad except walking anywhere after makes my butt and legs cry out in the agony of a thousand lost souls. 
Just a small example of the pain. 

It was our ANNIVERSARY yesterday. 5 years, and I admit it has been a little hard. Homeboy sent me a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses to my work and Me and the girls hit up max brenners for a chocolate foodgasm. It was oh oh oh so good. 

mmm chocolate.

Sorry still thinking about it....anyways, the humidity is here and I can't tell how attractive you feel in it. Like a misting of hot breath down your shirt and in your creases, all of them. HA! Sexy, good thing I am taken or all the black men that holler at my fat booty would be all up on this. ( note that I said black men...its because literally they all look at my butt, no white men, I don't even notice until I look over and they start yelling at me about my "sweet ass" and although I am not one to be upset about that kind of thing, its a little upsetting that its only black men, its great ammunition when running, The white dudes like the small butts, and I happen to be a white dude kind of girl. Hence my Caucasian husband.) gross. 

anyway from me and all my little ducks here in this upper east side apartment, and my African american fans...
Peace and Blessings!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


So much has happened..

Husb is old. 28. And I love him a little less for it. HA! jk. 

I got an internship with two firms Ghislaine Vinas from May 16th to June 23rd,
and Campion Platt from June 25th to August 1st. I am SOOO excited. 
New York and I are having a summer romance. 
I am leaving my best friends, and family for 21/2 months. boo.

The studio before we presented our work to GV.

I have made some of the best friends in the world, I have some pretty awesome friends already,
but somehow these kidos weasled their way into my heart, and now I just love them. I guess spending 24rs a day with eachother in the studio will do that to you. 
note: GV in the center. She came and critiqued our was scary. 

I am finally closing up the worst school year of my life. I can't even imagine how it was survived, but I am pleased as punch to never have to do that again.
Even if I tried to describe it to would think I was exaggerating. thats how horrible it was. 

I got a scholarship. 

My baby sister got BABY sister. Crazy.

Ty and I survived...and still love eachother. STILL!! I am so happy. I can't wait to write love letters this summer. He is so dreamy. 
(that is my attempt at a positive spin on being thousands of miles apart. good eh?)

Summer is coming. I can smell it. I can't wait!!!
I need a snow cone and a tan...stat!