Thursday, February 18, 2010


sums up my life lately. utter and complete
I don't want to clean, do homework, work out,
go to class, write a blog, or do laundry.
All I want to do is listen to my new band obsession
(Vedera, seriously SO good. Listen and love....or else!)
eat 100 calorie kettle corn, lay in bed and watch Greys/ private or FB
my life away. Checkmate to all of those...and none to the above.
I wish I had the motivation I need. I feel as if I am just
some lazy teenager, and I could really use a mom around here to
whip me into shape. Or make me sandwich.
Here is a cry out to all of those like me....HELP. How do you
swim back to the top when the water is so nice at the bottom.
bleh my life.