Tuesday, April 27, 2010


lots of things have happened. I have no energy to write about anything. I feel as if I should blog...but i do not. Ty had a birthday and it was good just so you know. we both are dieing for the semester to be over. we are hitting it up New Orleans style with our bestest friends for about two weeks. excited. that's all. also I am dieting because if i don't I have to swim with crocodiles and I am scared of them. So i really miss bread and chocolate. Oh and also cereal. over and out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So the past few weeks have been a blur. Review came screaming up faster than I was hoping. I was nervous and so stressed. In 8 days I had a total of 27 hours sleep. I was so exhausted and nervous. There were a total of 40 ish people applying for studio. There are two options in the interior design program. Studio, and sales and marketing. Studio is the typically more desired tract. Studio is more Interior Design where as Sales and Marketing is the running and ins and outs of running an Interior Design Business. Because of budget cuts they said they would be cutting back this year, and accepting less all together. I was nervous to day the least. Well we turned in all of our work on Monday morning, and then the week of waiting began. All week we had classes with each other everyone hoping and awkwardly reassuring each other. Friday was the day we were to find out. Friday evening...longest. week. ever. Ty and I decided to go snowboarding on Fri for my birthday. We headed down with everything needed for a rockin day of snow play. We get to Brighton and guess what?

Power is out...in the whole canyon. Eff. So we opted for In and Out and an afternoon spent with our favorite little boy. Lucas Daley. Seriously there could not be a cuter boy out there. We just adore that little guy.

We went to my parents house and I knew it was time to check my email....it took forever to load. But when it did, the letter was there. Sitting, waiting to be opened. I sort of just stared at it for a while...then finally I opened it. the results brought tears to my eyes. I immediately started screaming...and crying....and grinning from ear to ear. I got in! I was accepted into Studio! I was so excited, and still am to tell you the truth!

Not only did I get in but my two best buds got in too! The three amigos remain! I am so so so happy about it! They accpeted 19 overall into Studio and 13 into Sales and Marketing. They cut 9 people out altogether. It was a little tense in class this week to say the least. Hopefully it won't be weird for long.
My birthday was the next day Saturday. I got to spend all day with my best friend. She flew in all the way from LA. to be with me, even though it was only a day. It was fabulous! We went to breakfast, shopped til we dropped, spent some time with my family, and ate lunch at my favorite little bakery shop. Soo good!

The best part of the evening was dinner with all my best friends. I don't think we have all been together like that for three years. probably. We ate at Cheesecake...a place with loads of memories for us. We laughed, were way too loud, took obnoxious pictures, and talked and talked and talked. We also may have ate our weight in food. taking home 9 freaking doggie bags from the restaurant. We capped off the evening by playing games and much more laughing! It was the best birthday ever. I loved it. It was so so great to be with all my best friends at the same time. We don't get to see each other often enough.

Sunday I watched conference with my fam and had my mothers delicious Cinnamon Rolls. Right before I left at about 4 we had Birthday cake. My mom made me a really good homemade strawberry and orange cake with creme fraiche and fresh strawberries on top! I loved it! It was the bomb! I drove home and Kylee, Ty and I had Easter Dinner together. We made Roasted Red pepper, grilled pineapple, steak, rosemary potatoes, bread and salad. It was delicious. Then we watched the Burbs...a freaking awesome movie and went to bed.
I had a fabulous weekend and even though Ty wasn't able to be there for a lot of it, because he had to work up here in logan, it was still great!
I hope you all had a great Easter/conference. I definitely Did!
P.S. I only had a few of the photos. Nic took the most of them. So refer to Facebook for most of the goods!