Thursday, April 30, 2009

How cool do you think I am right now? I can tell you that I am thinking I am really cool right now. Seriously. I am posting and it is not a new month or been over a month since my last post. I can tell you exactly what I am right now in three words: THE. BOMB. DIGGITY.
Here is the sitch: I am so done with school for the summer! I am so excited! Not to mention that in one of my classes I got 99% and the other one I got 100% on every assignment and overall...again refer to above for how awesome I am right now. I know you all must be feeling like I am such a little snot for bragging. Well you are right and I am.
Plans for the summer:I am goign to be kicking butt and taking names while working here at the Inn in logan and Ty is going home to work for his old boss, Mon-Thurs. Then we will reunite for the weekends. I am so not loving the idea of sleeping in my house all alone,what with all the rapers and burgelers trying to steal me and sell me into a sex ring. I mean really logan is a pretty sketchy place. Even though I liive on the third floor and you have to go through three locked doors to get to me, I know esactly how possible it is for me to be raped or stolen in the night. I am a realist. Tyler is not worried. He is probably hoping that if I do get stolen or something else bad, we can get some big bucks in a settlement for it...there is always hope for a big break like that! CHA CHING!
Exciting news number two: I am dying my hair tonight. RED! Yeah baby goodbye Plain Jane brunette Hello Fircracker. I am not going to lie, i am nervous, what if my coloring looks bad with red? YIKES! I am taking inspiration from one of my Friends hair do's in years past..She was obviously way ahead of her time, she should have been friends with Kurt Cobain. I don't really think he was ahead of his time however everyone says that.
Happy Summer!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I hate blogging. I am just going to say what I have been in denial of for a really long time and fess up. I HATE BLOGGING. It is so annoying. I hate that if you don't blog regularly like once a week people get annoyed and ask when you are going to blog next. You want to know what's up with my life? Freaking call me. I promise you will get way more out of me than if you watch my blog. Plus when I blog I have to pretend my life is so fabulous and I love everyone and that everything is just wrapped up in a nice pretty pink bow. Well it is not. Not even close. No one I know has a life like that.As my good friend Megan would say it is not butterflies and rainbows all the time. I don't even like the type of people who are all everything in my life is amazing and nothing is wrong...blah blah blah. Spare me. If I want to hear that kind of crap I will visit my parents ward in the UC. I mean really when I sit here and weigh the pros and cons of blogs...The cons way out weigh the pros. The only pro I was thinking I liked was the idea that some x boyf or chick I don't like is reading it and feeling like they are inadequate in my awesomeness...Thank you loyal subjects. You may bow. HOWEVER since I have blog stalkers and haters in my past..I am private. Which all this pretty much means is that I am writing blogs for exactly like 5 people who I talk to fairly regularly anyway. And YET! I am writing a blog right now. It is addicting. I hate it. I am (pardon my french) the blog's bitch. I hate feeling controlled. Owned. and here I sit. Playing perfectly into the addiction and getting my fix. Its not a pretty sight, sucking on the teet of mother blog. Well now that my guilt has abated, I will inform you on life..its good. The End.