Thursday, November 6, 2008

Atencion! Si'l vous plait!

I have an announcement to make...Pay close attention you do not want to miss this! I am officially going to live in Europe for 1 Month this summer! Studying architecture, design, and art! Could I be anymore happy right now?! I think not! Here is just a peek of whats ahead!

Oh Italy with your cobbled streets and pretty window boxes! How I will love to drink you in while staying in Florence, Venice, and Rome!

The Winged Victory, The Nike Of Samothrace, My very favorite piece of art in all the 30,000 years I have studied, you are the one that still takes my breathe away every time. You have my heart! I will gaze at your beautiful classic proportions and grace while spending a week in Paris!

But wait! There is more! Places I have never been and am dieing to see! Take a look for yourself!
That's right London Baby! 2 whole weeks thank you very much! Here are a few other things we will see in England!

Ok so I have to say I am so excited! I know I am totally bragging right now and feel free to hate me! I would hate me right now too! But Seriously I am so blessed to be able to do this, and I can't wait to go! P.S. Husband for rent for the month of July in ' with resume.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3,2,1 GO!

Ok so I really don't like it when people just dedicate an entire blog to one person. I think it is a little rude and kind of dumb. I would much rather read a blog that has something interesting and insightful or funny to read, than an ode to some person or another. I mean write the freakin person a card already! Holy cow. I know I am probably the only person who holds this opinion, because I see it on lots of peoples blogs all the time! So if this is you, do not take offense. I am just a little off my rocker! So this blog goes out to my three favorite friends. Not one!
You know who you are! I will tell you why I love these three so much I cannot even stand it, and then you too will understand the awesomeness.
Person #1:
This person keeps me sane. This person accepts me all the time even when I am not doing her most favorite things. She is my stability, and my clone in everyway except physically where she exceeds me in 110%! She is the friend that after my ranting or venting, she asks me if I want her to be my friend or if I want her to tell me the truth. I love that she will always be honest and forthright with me. I love that I can call her mean names and yell at her and then 5 min later be laughing and happier than ever. I love her and I swear I cannot survive a day without a fix! She is also ridiculously handy with random information and seems to have answers to every question! Plus she is like slap your grandma funny!
Person #2
This person is one of the funnest parts of my life. Despite having tendencies toward the same evrything, we even sound the same. Except when there is squeling involved, That is all HER! She is always good for a gut laugh and remembers my most graceful moments better than I do! She is so smart, that I swear she like reads the encyclopedia at night when no one is watching. She is my accomplice in almost all of my best work, and has fabulous taste in clothes! She keeps me in check with reality and helps to remind me that I might be getting a little too far out in left field! She is very patient and very good at keeping a calm head during tense situations! It is because of her that I have a very special someone in my life, and for that I am forever grateful!
Person #3
She is like my life history in one little person. We very much have the same personality and are both very much type A's. She will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I will never be able to forget our special times. She is so daring and loud that just being around her makes you the same. She is very charismatic, and has some of the best shoes I have ever seen. She has molded me in so many ways that I can't really tell whether I learned something or if she taught me. She makes me happy and comfortable in almost every situation. I can always depend on her for a good sarcastic comment and a great bite of food! She has some of my favorite memories and I am always so comfortable being my boy band loving self with pumpkin chocolate cookie in hand! I have explored some of my worst fashion ideas while she patiently watched and waited with a nice normal alternative on hand! She rightfully owns my most embaressing moments, and if she ever wanted blackmail. I would have to move to another country! I love her courage and strength. I always look to her for the next step and I am proud of how far she has come in life.

The only problem is, Everything good about one is true for all, and I could never ask for a more balanced and loving circle of friends. I have become who I am because of all of you. Everything I strive to be in life I see in you three and I am so blessed to have such strength and beauty around me! So thanks to the lovely ladies of my life! You all have fabulous boobs, and I love ya!