Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't you just LOVE....

spending the day at the water park with the fam.....

getting splash attacked by your parents even if they are 48 and 53

eating IN-N-OUT in chlorine soaked clothes.....

and spending the evening baking red velvet cupcakes with the BEST SISTERS in the WORLD?

I do. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the end of an era

I am sitting here waiting for my shuttle to come collect me and my things. I am leaving on a jet plane...all my bags are packed....I am ready to go...
you get the idea.
I am so excited. I am SO excited to see my sweet husband and to feel small and safe in his big long arms. I miss him so bad my body aches. I always feel so lacking when we aren't hanging out.


Over the past 2 1/2 months something happened.
I fell in love. With New York.
I love it here. I absolutely love it here. I even love the mean people and the creepers that tell me god blesses me for being sexy(pretty sure it doesn't work that way)
There is something so incredibly charging about this city and my favorite part is the way the city become cozy and magical and alive with a frenzy of possibilities at night. There is something truly awesome about this city at night. It doesn't matter if you are running in the park to a backdrop of luscious tall trees, and sparkling cityscapes, or downtown at a fancy party, rubbing elbows with the most interesting people you have ever met, its something in the air that brings a level of anticipation and excitement for the possibilities that are waiting.

I can't even talk about the food. It is the best thing that has ever happened to my tummy, in terms of the food put inside not the effect it had on my waistline (duh duh duuuuuuhhh!) The best of so many things have happened here and you never which restaurant is going to be the next experience to blow you away.

So while I sit here, anticipating what will be the best hug I have maybe ever had sans my wedding day, Part of my heart is breaking a little. I love this city and the affect it has made on me.
I am braver here, I wear red lipstick whenever I want. I dress like I am too cool for school and I don't feel like an imposter. I give directions to tourists like a local. I yell at cab drivers when the almost run me over, I walk fast and I now know the subways like my way around a pizza..(which is extremely well.....wink!) I feel cooler here. And maybe its not true, maybe I was to shy or scared to do all of these things before and they were buried deep down inside of me, but regardless, The city changed me. The city taught me, and above all inspired me.

As I contemplate my life back home and what I am so anxiously awaiting to return too, I know that I am forever better for what I have learned and grown to be here.

I think the street vendors said it best...