Monday, January 31, 2011

frosted mini wheats

The other day, I was having a grand old time hanging out with one of my oldest best friends,
we were talking about everything,
including the EFY pictures she dug up,
looking our prime in high school. ugh. 
she started talking about how mini wheat's before bed, makes a happy bathroom visit the next day.
I was intrigued. I sampled. 
the next day, not only did I enjoy a leisurely visit to the bathroom, 
but a gastronomical experience for the rest of the day. 
mini wheat's works people. 
too well. 
Consider Yourself Warned.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

boom! posted.

It seems that 2010 came and went so quickly. I can't really believe its 2011 and almost a whole month in. I have sucked at posting. and here is the catch up.
Christmas with the Evans. warm and lovely.

lost half my hair from the stress of the semester. left with no choice
but to cut....12 inches off.
cried. a. lot.

new years with the until the boys ruined the countdown by taking to long to pull out of x box land. needless to say
my voice got all shreiky and loud when I explained my disappointment.

Phoenix for 5 days of bliss. warm. happy. needed.
school starts again.

I have been thinking about the new year a lot lately. There is a lot expected of this coming year. I was so busy being an over-acheiver this past year that I forgot to do a few crucial things.
Like spending time with my buddy.
taking care of myself both mentally and physically.
going to church on a regular basis and getting there BEFORE sacrement.

and although it seems too easy to name the things I didn't do perfectly last year.
There are a few things that are worth mentioning.
My brother got his mission call.
My husband got AMAZING grades.
I got a scholarship.
Traveled to 3 places I had never been before.
Spent a whole month with my family.
Ty and I celebrated 4 years of growth and love.
I figured out how to tell time.
I made some really great friends here in logan.
we experienced the love and benefits of true friendship.

So for this year we are going to strive to better than we ever have.
I am going to be more balanced in my life.
Ty is going to try and xbox less.
(he just doesn't know it yet;)
We are going to not only survive it,
but enjoy it.

Look out 2011....
we're coming for ya!