Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is love? Baby don't hurt me....don't hurt me no more...

Oh Night at the Roxburry how I hate that you have seared my instant reaction to this song as a head bobble and a cheesy grin.

I have the answer.....to their question. What is love?
Love is tender....love is blind....Blah blah blah... BULL. SHI*.
There has never been a bigger load of crap ever. You want to know what love is? I will tell you. This is love.....

Love is enduring Halo 3. Love is enduring Tiny House. Love is not minding when you get snot on your face from someone elses nose after a kiss. Yes I said that and yes I mean it...even though rereading it now, it sounds so disgusting.
I love my husband so much and therefore according to Newtons third law...to every action there is an equal and opposite re-action, I also might want to slam his head against the wall, and then put on my biggest ring and punch him in his man business....and when he is writhing in pain on the floor screaming why? WHY? I will say....You KNOW why! Ha ha just kidding...I love that movie though! Props if you know what it is.
What I mean is I love slash hate my husband so much. He is wonderful and the most irritating person on the earth. Even more than the annoying crow outside my window that thinks 6 a.m. is a great time for an hour long monologue. But the reason why I wish he would fall down sometimes is because I love him so much. If i didn't love him then it would not bother me when he and I disagree. Thats the problem I always say when we are fighting...if I didnt love you this wouldn't be a problem..but I do. Newton must have figured out his three laws of motion by living with a woman....only way it makes sense.
We love eachother....right now if you walked in you would think we are so weird...I am in bed (my favorite place to be) on my lappy, and he is playing...well, guess....I dare you to get it wrong! At this precise moment I feel the need to smother him in kisses and loves Slash grab the XBOX and ram it over his head until he or it breaks. Its a complicated feeling. The good thing is this.....
Both of us knowing.....Love is a Battlefield!
Moral of the story is this...I love him and he loves me. We fit. I am happy to just feel his arms hold me tight and smell his musky skin. He is all I need. So whilest I plan my next crusty to shoot his way for playing the game I wish were never invented behind it, deep deep down in the very corner of my small cold heart it will be sent with love. Love is all you need.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Save me from myself!

I am my own worst enemy. I need to be doing homework right now....I am not. I am blogging slash blog stalking. I also have been making my way through Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Bun Ice cream....I am on the verge of having more loving feelings for this ice cream than my bed. This is no small feat because I really seriously love my bed. It is so choice.
I also decided I needed to work out really early in the morning...every morning. They are classes so I have to go to get the credit...well the problem is I am procrastinator queen right now and all I want to do is stay up late and watch TV with husb and not do my homework.
I suck at making my life easier. I need to get the ball rolling. However here I sit...still not doing what I need to.

I will say though, I am so happy to be sitting in a lovey home with my best friend, and eating super delicious food. I am so happy to have homework to do because that means I can afford (or afford debt) to go to school and work towards making our quality of life the best it can be.

Life is awesome when it sucks!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Back in the saddle again....school starts and I find myself with that familiar sense of Anxiety slash panic. I am always on the run and always paying catch up it seems. Its great though, I love being busy. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing things. Even if they are as little as updating my blog. Big news in the past three weeks:
Broseph came home. He lives with me. He is a dram. Ty is occupied and I am lightened in my dish duties!

We got Ipod Touches from John and Arlette for Early Christmas Presents. WAHOO!
Our bosses ROCK!
I finally ate at Sammy's my husbands favorite digs right now.
I felt like I was working hard at losing weight and gained 2 pounds.
Ty almost has a job.
I felt a muscle in my body I had no idea Existed.
I watched my 8 year old sister sing a beautiful Solo in church.
I updated my blog.
That is how cool my life is right now.
Boom Roasted.