Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here are ten truths about me. I felt obligated to do this because I never do these things. This is so that Megan PS will know I love her.

1. Every time I hear the song The Way You Look Tonight, I get misty.

2. I love fresh Sheets that smell like Downy Lavender, cold at first and warm and cozy soon after.

3. The soap in my bathroom has to be in direct relation to the edge and the faucet.

4. I want to be Bree Hodge slash Monica Geller-Bing when I grow up.

5. I judge woman by their legs and hair first.

6. I can only eat one item of food on my plate at a time.

7. I definitely pose in front of the mirror

8.I once peed on the front lawn of my ex boyfriend

9. Every time I wish for something its either to lose weight or lose weight.

10. I am currently missing 1/4" of Eye lashes on my right lid.

The H word

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN! In this town we call home...everyone hails to the pumpkin song!
Halloween rocks my world.....one of my very favorites! nothing brings me more happiness that watching Satan carry Cinderella from house to house. Let me break down why I have a serious love for Halloween:
Candy. Candy and I go way back...we are blood brothers.
decorations, I love things fancy.
Parties....I have this serious desire to be a hostess, all the time.
I love dressing up. Especially when it involves fake eyelashes
Dancing the thriller dance...some of my best memories are crowned with this dance
Sugar coma: you never sleep as good as you do when you crash from a sugar coma
All Hallows Eve: you get to be evil and its cool.

Also totally unrelated I love the show Reba. Its so funny.
The End