Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am annoying/Christmas

There are a few things that have been running through my mind lately. I am not really sure why they just seem to pop right in there. Especially when I don't have time to think about them. Things like killer blogs, Christmas meal plans, and color harmonies with a dash of trigonometry. Random...yes. For those of you who know me...I am sure you are not surprised that all of these thoughts happen at once and will randomly come out in the midst of conversation. ( spoken to the husb from the kitchen with a raised voice...side note...not yelling just loud enough to hear even if it doesn't seem that way...) " Artichoke and Sun-dried Tomato pasta have a analogous color harmony and if you want any of that harmony in your belly you better finish your math homework!" Obviously you can all see as to why I am so annoying to my husband. It's like...oh. my. lanta. The girl has absolutely no common sense in her. period. This maybe true. In fact I am quite positive it is. However despite the weird, quirky, and irregularity that is my mind...he LOVES me. This to me is the oddest thing of all. I mean not just my insides, he likes my outside too. He loves my badonkadonk, my juicy doubles, and the Elephantitus of the lower section of my calves...(Note to all those of you who hate when I use the C word....NOTICE I DID NOT!) (and for those of you who do not know what C word I am talking about and you thought of the dirty one...ha ha...seriously though, shame on you!) None the less, I am quite shocked and sometimes appalled at the audacity of this young man who wears my ring. He must be as crazy as me.

PAUSE= Proof that male species Tyler genus is a little coo koo. For his final paper in his english class, he decided it would be to his advantage to write of the time he bashed my head into a boulder. BOOM. Down for the count. Yay! Memories!

Right so you get the idea that husband is nuts, and I am annoying.....now on to the good stuff!
guess what time it is? For those of you who just said tool time in your mind...I love you.
It's Christmas Time!
Boo. Ya.
I heart Christmas. I really really do. What could be better to a girl in constant seek mode for fancy and sparkly descriptive things than Christmas time? Cello you gotta base! (Name that movie) So here are some pictures of my cute little tiny apartment and our Christmas palooza 08...em kay?

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree...how lovely are your smelly branches

Yes its true we are truly american...we do hang our stockings on the tv!

The view from the tree as it watches me sleep every night....I just creeped myself out.

Go west Young Man.

We have giant balls that we just let hang out all day.

So there you have it. Christmas in the E vans house! Word. I am very excited about it this year because we get to have all of Ty's fam here and W O A H ! its gonna be a butt load of fun. I hate that word...Butt Load...whoever made that up...I bet you 20 bucks they are from tooele.
Thats all for now. Love to all! Happy holidays! Ho Ho Ho

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ok Ok Ok I will say it...

I OFFICIALLY SUCK AT BLOGGING! I have to admit I love to read everyone else s and I check like everyday...but when it comes to my own blog spawn, I am startlingly inept. I apologize and I swear I am trying to do better. I really am. It is just so hard and I never want to post just some random thought or a lame blog I want to post funny or inspiring or something totally rockin...and alas my blog gets nothing! You see therefore I am trying to get over my desire to make my blog oh so insightful and change it to be just a grand old blog. Shall we play catch up?
I am going crazy in school and I have been working hard. I am up until about 3 every night doing the H word, and then up again at 7 to finish the H word. But it is not without recognition... ( PS I am bragging right here so if this is going to bug you skip to the next paragraph) I have been invited to be Magna Cum Laude. Which means I am in the National Honors Soceity and I get to say Magna Cum Laude when I graduate....if that ever happens.
A little while back my sista came up and WOAH! That was a good time! Let me tell you! she is crazy and I love her! Her are some pics of us being....well us!

We are being called back to heaven.....or being lifted by evil spirits.....you decide

She is a witch! She shrunk me and is forcing me to stay in her pocket and puls me out to laugh at me.....Karma sucks!

Tree Hugger
Oh pizzokie your sweet warm gooey cookie with deliciously cool ice cream...

Getting Lucky!

Shun the none believer

We are like Mike!

All in all I think you can see. We had a blast...She is so funny! I love her! I call her manly because sometimes I accidentally say that instead of molly and it is stuck now...she is not though...manly that is. So next on the agenda...Thanksgiving. It was great we got to hang out back in the UC for almost a week! We got to see some good friends and hang with the fam! LOVE IT! the food was of course incredible! We ate pretty early in the day so by the time we were hungry again...MIDNIGHT TURKEY TACOS......oh sweet mercy. Tres bon. We did not go shopping on black Friday... as fun as that would have been... we are trying to spend wisely. You know the whole follow the prophets advice kinda deal. We have been very blessed. So much to be thankful for. In fact too much to write...so if you want to know...call me. I will tell you on the phone.
Ty and I are really excited for Christmas. We have a lot of fun things planned. Seriously. We are done with school in like 2 days...HOORAY! Well for the season anyway. Christmas for us will take place up here in lo this year. I am really looking forward to it. Nothing like Christmas with your whole family(in law family) holed up under one roof and enjoying it B&B style! Yeah baby.
I know this is sort of a boring post, all I have to say is....Ha ha sucker you read the whole thing! Just kidding! LOVE TO ALL!