Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So Ty and I have been chillin in Oregon Since the end of May. He is doing and Internship for Erickson Air Crane which is a big stinking deal in the helicopter world. I on the other hand have been incredibly unsuccessful at procuring a job for the summer, and thus I sit around and wish to die. 
So in my spare time I decided to plan things for us to do together when he gets home from work everyday. Like make boats out of aluminum foil to race  down the stream not far from our house. 

Tyler named his the Speed Wedge. 

I named mine the S.S. WhopASS
Nice, no?

and the winner is....

We tied. We did the best out of three. The first round my name proved true. The second round "the speed wedge" was faster, I guess. The third round, they both sunk. HA! 
Either way it was a great time. Tyler launched into a lecture on the importance of surface area...blah blah blah, and I just looked at him and smiled. I love when he tries to teach me stuff. 
Even though I don't usually listen. 

These are our winner faces!

Smug fool. 

Happy and blurry. 

The contested! 

After the boat thing, I decided our next activity would be to watch an movie inside but boring, was not on the agenda. The challenge was to make a fort, out of the like 5 things we brought to Oregon, a feat in and of itself, and we had to speak in third person the whole time. 

Yep, that is our air mattress acting as a wall, and the other side are the two and only two chairs we have here. Folding style no less! 

Proud of our fort in our tiny, old, ugly apartment. 

This was ty's idea for a pose in the photo sesh. Yep, classy is his middle name. 

The best part about the fort building was the talking in third person. We definitely argued as to the best way to accomplish the fort and arguing in third person and directing a plan of attack was hilarious. seriously. You cannot keep a straight face when arguing a point in third person!

3 seconds before homeboy decided to pass out and I had to watch "our movie" alone. 
Hot date!

Something that I thought would be fun to do was to visit the local CRUISE. Meaning all these peeps with old school or cool cars come in to town to show them off and there are all these events surrounding it. So we went the night they had a Beatles Tribute band. 
Let me tell you the prime of Medford showed up and the Wal-Mart quality of people there...
some of the best I have EVER seen. 

Looking through two classics to the stage.

One of the many rows of cars

Ty's friend and school pal is also here for the internship. His name is Darren. They are like soul mates. 
Both hate to do their hair, both cross their arms for photos, both have little words when it comes to conversing. 
Seriously though, I often wonder how they are friends when they are both so quiet, When I hang out with them both i go home with a sore jaw and a drained brain in attempt to fill in all the silences. 
the ones that never end!

Me and the Hubs at the CRUISE!

The next few photos are random. This one in particular..the one directly below is the best fatkidmove by my husband to date. He is on the computer, eating slices off the 5lb. block of cheese sitting in front of him. 
I called him out and all he said was, "I love cheese." 

We saw a Rainbow, shocker right, a rainbow in Oregon...well we don't get many of these in Utah, and we saw both ends of it. So ha. 

Well there is a little update for you. I know its riveting our lives. 
Be jealous. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

The end is near!

I am graduating in exactly a month from today...TODAY people! AHHHHHHH!!!
Its too soon and not soon enough, Ya dig? 

Too much to do in that amount of time, and
  I just. don't. want. to. 

So...I am blogging instead. And we all know how good I am at blogging, so you now know that I am
seriously in denial of my homework because that's how bad I don't want to do it. 

things are good. Ty is my rock and my favorite thing about my life right now. He keeps me sane, 
feeds my caffeine addiction, and cleans up after me. What does he get out of it? 
Nothing. He gets nothing because I am too busy to even make him dinner....
let alone dessert....sigh.
Alas, My senior exhibit is coming up in a week. Everything important that I have done in school for the past four years on display. ANXIETY!!! 

Also, we had to get head shots done, for our exhibit displays and if you know me...
I am so awkward in front of the camera. Its not great.
For my wedding bridals my best friend slipped me a muscle relaxer, because they were
THAT bad. ugh

Needless to say round two was this week because the first ones I look disgusting. 
Or as my sister said, "you look like a wanna be Mormon pop star, or a candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize."
For real, that happened. 

Bottom line, I am awkward in front of a camera and I hate all photos of myself. always. 
But this last time wasn't so bad. the photographer just told me exactly what to do and she was quick as lightening so it was as painless as possible. 
After I explained all the things I hate about myself, and my phobias and what i hate about myself in photos, she wasn't left with much room as to what she could actually photograph. 
AND STILL she did an amazing job. Where was this girl when I got married?! 
She made me look legit. 
too legit. 
too legit to quit. 

Anyway despite the normal amount of insanity we are doing fab! I have officially hooked up 
my Dr. pepper, diet coke, vanilla coke zero IV and will be set for the
rest of the semester! 

If you want to check out the Exhibit website
Yep we are that cool.
Please Do! 

Loves to all, and good luck hearing from us before the end of the semester. 
By us, I mean me, Tyler has never blogged in his life, or voluntarily made the bed, or eaten olives. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

hey there ho there

Alive? Yes.
dead tired? Yes. 

Just making a quick check in. Here whats happening in our neck of the woods!
Tyler got his internship that he wanted. SO we are going to Oregon for the Summer. 
We are so excited and even though it may turn out that we sleep on an Air Mattress all summer, 
and living off anything you can microwave, it will be a great adventure!
Bonus!!! We will actually be in the same place at the same time 
I can't even remember the last time we did that. 

Other news, I was awarded the outstanding senior of the year- award. Which is pretty cool I guess. 
I was completely shocked because I have some incredible colleagues in my 
program. The whole fam damily came up for the event and I got a fancy drink at Olive Garden 
after. Which was the coolest part of the night. For shizzle. 

Ty went to Dallas for an award he won, from the Helicopter Expo. 
he got two free tickets and $2500 towards his tools that he has to buy. I am so
freakin proud of that kid. Plus he got to go to the Expo for free and geek out about flying things for like 3 solid days. He came back with lots of swag and humongous grin. :)

We are going to Mexico for spring break with the fam. I am real excited to get some sun time
and hopefully a little tan to go with my freckles. yeah right....a girl can dream. 

I am graduating on May 5th!!!!! I can't believe it, its finally here! The day I have been waiting for through all the all nighters, the agonizing pointless busy work, and all. that. money. 
I am finally going to finish. I feel like I just realized my ruby 
slippers can take me home, by just clicking them together. Except my slippers cost a lot of moulah. 

So that's where we are. Trucking along and hoping to make it to Spring. Which apparently Logan forgot should be around the corner because we have been getting crazy blizzards all week!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It started again


I am super excited its my last semester of interior design. I might cry, out of joy or sorrow I am not sure which. 
So this may be the last blog you read for a while. I am completely terrible at updating about our lives and really great at updating about completely useless information. Go figure. When I look back and read this blog a gazillion years from now, I will be so annoyed that I didn't actually put anything pertinent on here. 
meh...oh well

Ty and I are great. He is so awesome and landed his sweet booty a scholarship. MAMA IS PROUD!
We went for a quick visit to phoenix to see some of our best friends while on break and spent the rest of 
Christmas break working and eating delicious food! 

It was so nice to spend time with our friends and family during the holidays. I love Christmas and we both were completely spoiled by Santa this year. 

Sigh, back to the frigid logan weather and the endless homework. ugh. I am soo too old to be doing this still. 
whats funnier than being in school till you are 26? Paying to be in school till you are 26. 

On the plus side I finally realized Tyler is way smarter than I am. All this time I was such a little snot and 
thinking I was the smartest because I got the best grades and scholarships and blah blah blah....turns out I have a vast amount of knowledge in a very unimportant range. Husb on the other hands seems to know everything about everything. I asked him if he thought he was smarter than me and he looked at me weird and said yes? With that I am scared you will hurt me if I tell the truth but if I lie you can tell and I am scared of you,  face...
Good times. 

Hopefully this year will be the best one yet, I am really ready for a freaking awesome time. 
I think there will be a lot of firsts and lasts this year and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!! 

boom. roasted. 

Monday, December 12, 2011


Guess what has been stuck in my head ALL weekend?

Batman's in the kitchen,
Robin's in the hall,
Jokers in the bathroom,
Peeing on the wall! 

Classy no?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi! Oh you don't remember me?

I thought for sure I could neglect you for months on end and all of you would still remember me without even an ounce of hesitation. 
Sorry for the delay folks, Honestly I neglect this blog the way I neglect my homework. 

since all of the non blogging, I haven't really done anything exciting. 
Ty and I are still just trucking along in school. Can I graduate yet? Seriously? 
I want to be out of school and onto real life so bad I would give my first born to 
Rumpelstiltskin if he could make it happen now. 
Great for me, sucks for the kid. 

Life is crazy and there either seems to be too much time or not enough. And although I can't wait for real life to start and to earn money and not turn around and give it right to the school, I have been thinking lately
that there are some things I am so grateful for, that if I didn't say them out loud, 
I would be doing them a disservice

  • I have a really amazing family. They make me crazy and happy all the time. I love them and they are always there for Tyler and me. They even put up with an occassional appearance of the hulk when I get too little sleep and too much stress. 
  • I have the best friends in the world. Seriously really amazing people. I have friends that have stuck by my side since elementary school, through my ups and downs, introduced me to my hubby, inspired me creatively, introduced me to diet coke, and help me laugh at myself. My friends are the best part about my day, whether its phone calls, drink runs, or hate dancing, the happiness they bring makes everything better. 
  • I am in one of the best Interior Design programs in the nation. I have learned so much and although this has been the absolute worst year ever, as far as school goes, despite the major problems, it is so awesome. I am inspired everyday, and love everything about it. 
  • I am sort of in a healthy state. I mean I could be so much worse and I am so much better than I have been in while. So I am grateful for the not too distant future where I have no ulcers, thyroid, or insulin issues. Don't you worry carbs and Diet Coke....I am coming back for you, someday, I swear! 
  • My husband. He is so so good to me, and loves me despite the appearance of my ugly side(s). He treats me better than I deserve, he picks up after me when I pass out from exhaustion, he makes me protein shakes in the morning and popcorn at night. He thinks I am funny, pretty and smart. Even if he is way smarter than I am, he pretends that I am the smartest, because I like it. He always knows when to shut me up, hold me close, and let me cry. He is everything I never knew I wanted, but have always needed. he is the breathe to my life. 
  • The gospel. I am so thankful that I know I am a daughter of our heavenly father, and that he knows me. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have, and that Ty and I can live with him forever. I am of late especially most grateful for answered prayers. They take such little effort and produce such big results.  
So there you have it. My little list, of what makes my world go round. Its short but important, just like midgets. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DC to CL

Lots has happened, None that is exciting. 
My ulcer is much better now that  I am on strict order from doc to never again drink diet coke....

Moment of Silence for the loss of a DEAR friend.

On the plus side I haven't woken up with searing pain in my abdomen for over a week.
However I am also off all of them. 
I don't know if you know me or not, But I am a Carb girl. 
Like, it lights up my life in  a way that
makes my husband jealous and
my family and friends embarrassed to take me out in public. 

despite all the set backs, I am actually a lot healthier and less tempted by 
They that shall not be named. 
( this is what we call bread and cake and treats now, not out of fear like in the Voldemort/Harry
issue but more in the pining loss of the meaning in your life, kind of way. ) 

I have however substituted my addiction with crystal light lemonade and 
sauteed zucchini. 
Us addicts always have to have something to be fixated on right?

The only reported loss so far was when I got mad at my husband for having an adorable teeny, tiny, tooshy. Why does he get to have a slammin body when he doesn't even care that much about it? 
Curse him and his perfect body. 
Serious I get naked and you can literally feel the house shudder. 

 Well that's all for now, lost in the land of studio, Netflix, and Crystal Light Lemonade.