Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So Ty and I have been chillin in Oregon Since the end of May. He is doing and Internship for Erickson Air Crane which is a big stinking deal in the helicopter world. I on the other hand have been incredibly unsuccessful at procuring a job for the summer, and thus I sit around and wish to die. 
So in my spare time I decided to plan things for us to do together when he gets home from work everyday. Like make boats out of aluminum foil to race  down the stream not far from our house. 

Tyler named his the Speed Wedge. 

I named mine the S.S. WhopASS
Nice, no?

and the winner is....

We tied. We did the best out of three. The first round my name proved true. The second round "the speed wedge" was faster, I guess. The third round, they both sunk. HA! 
Either way it was a great time. Tyler launched into a lecture on the importance of surface area...blah blah blah, and I just looked at him and smiled. I love when he tries to teach me stuff. 
Even though I don't usually listen. 

These are our winner faces!

Smug fool. 

Happy and blurry. 

The contested! 

After the boat thing, I decided our next activity would be to watch an movie inside but boring, was not on the agenda. The challenge was to make a fort, out of the like 5 things we brought to Oregon, a feat in and of itself, and we had to speak in third person the whole time. 

Yep, that is our air mattress acting as a wall, and the other side are the two and only two chairs we have here. Folding style no less! 

Proud of our fort in our tiny, old, ugly apartment. 

This was ty's idea for a pose in the photo sesh. Yep, classy is his middle name. 

The best part about the fort building was the talking in third person. We definitely argued as to the best way to accomplish the fort and arguing in third person and directing a plan of attack was hilarious. seriously. You cannot keep a straight face when arguing a point in third person!

3 seconds before homeboy decided to pass out and I had to watch "our movie" alone. 
Hot date!

Something that I thought would be fun to do was to visit the local CRUISE. Meaning all these peeps with old school or cool cars come in to town to show them off and there are all these events surrounding it. So we went the night they had a Beatles Tribute band. 
Let me tell you the prime of Medford showed up and the Wal-Mart quality of people there...
some of the best I have EVER seen. 

Looking through two classics to the stage.

One of the many rows of cars

Ty's friend and school pal is also here for the internship. His name is Darren. They are like soul mates. 
Both hate to do their hair, both cross their arms for photos, both have little words when it comes to conversing. 
Seriously though, I often wonder how they are friends when they are both so quiet, When I hang out with them both i go home with a sore jaw and a drained brain in attempt to fill in all the silences. 
the ones that never end!

Me and the Hubs at the CRUISE!

The next few photos are random. This one in particular..the one directly below is the best fatkidmove by my husband to date. He is on the computer, eating slices off the 5lb. block of cheese sitting in front of him. 
I called him out and all he said was, "I love cheese." 

We saw a Rainbow, shocker right, a rainbow in Oregon...well we don't get many of these in Utah, and we saw both ends of it. So ha. 

Well there is a little update for you. I know its riveting our lives. 
Be jealous. 


Jen said...

Seriously sounds like a bunch of fun actually! We rock movies in forts but I've never done the fort building while speaking in the third person. Perhaps I shall implement this. :)

kimchristiansen said...

miss your face!!!

Reina and Tyler said...

i move back to utah the exact time you decide to move to oregon? classic...
how long before you come home?
call me if you get bored! we'll talk about rainbows and wenises and how stinkin cute you are.