Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It started again


I am super excited its my last semester of interior design. I might cry, out of joy or sorrow I am not sure which. 
So this may be the last blog you read for a while. I am completely terrible at updating about our lives and really great at updating about completely useless information. Go figure. When I look back and read this blog a gazillion years from now, I will be so annoyed that I didn't actually put anything pertinent on here. 
meh...oh well

Ty and I are great. He is so awesome and landed his sweet booty a scholarship. MAMA IS PROUD!
We went for a quick visit to phoenix to see some of our best friends while on break and spent the rest of 
Christmas break working and eating delicious food! 

It was so nice to spend time with our friends and family during the holidays. I love Christmas and we both were completely spoiled by Santa this year. 

Sigh, back to the frigid logan weather and the endless homework. ugh. I am soo too old to be doing this still. 
whats funnier than being in school till you are 26? Paying to be in school till you are 26. 

On the plus side I finally realized Tyler is way smarter than I am. All this time I was such a little snot and 
thinking I was the smartest because I got the best grades and scholarships and blah blah blah....turns out I have a vast amount of knowledge in a very unimportant range. Husb on the other hands seems to know everything about everything. I asked him if he thought he was smarter than me and he looked at me weird and said yes? With that I am scared you will hurt me if I tell the truth but if I lie you can tell and I am scared of you,  face...
Good times. 

Hopefully this year will be the best one yet, I am really ready for a freaking awesome time. 
I think there will be a lot of firsts and lasts this year and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!! 

boom. roasted.