Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sha la la la la

I love how when you hear a song it will flash you back to a certain place and time. I can't help but stop and reminisce....

Suddenly its 8th grade and I am laying in front of my boom box and staring at the cd insert and wishing with all my heart that JC Chavez secretly knows how beautiful our babies would be.

Hearing Blink 182 in the Wendy's parking lot with my best friend and her way cool older friends

Eating a #2 meal from McDonald's with my best friend, listening to Van Halen in my favorite ACDC shirt. Skipping school and feeling like the coolest thing to hit Alta.

Driving in the car with my first boyfriend wearing his cowboy hat and singing my favorite song with all the best actions I can muster while the sweet summer sunset lights up the car as he smiles at me like there is nothing better.

Dancing as provocatively as possible in front of my dining room window while avoiding homework like the plague with my best friends. In the cold cold Logan winter. (Jazz Hands) ......I just died in your arms tonight!

Finding myself in a relationship I didn't know I was in due to the most obnoxious song Jimmy Fallon ever wrote. It still makes me smile.

Dancing with my sweetie at our wedding, feeling the sweet bliss and excitement of a new life. relishing in the moment and pleading with heaven to let it last just a second longer.

Being halfway across the world, standing in a sacred place and singing a beautiful hymn. Hearing the sweet harmony of three different languages and feeling my saviors embrace. Knowing that although the 5500 mile distance from my family feels far, its nothing compared to the eternity I have to share with them.

Cheesy as this may be, I can't help but love those moments. I love feeling swept away and feeling that little warm and bubbly even if for a moment. Its things like this that get me through the day.

Monday, September 13, 2010


It has recently been brought to my attention that my backpack is especially nerdy. It appears as if I am about to scale a mountain or go backpacking in the Catskills. Everyone agrees...I have a serious backpack. Problem is apparently in my major...everyone is too cool for backpacks. They all carry fabulous carryall bags or chic patterned bags. I am the outsider. I never even realized due to the fact that I am usually running in seconds before class starts and desperately trying to maintain composure.
A lovely man with long curly locks of hair and skinny pants made a verbal note of it.
Talk about embarrassing, a man who looks better in skin tight pants than I do, called me out on a fashion faux pas.

I decided I can't just go get some kind of bag because I am way too in love with all the pockets and waterproofedness and comfy totability.
I sat and I thought....and thought.....and thought. Then it hit me like lightening.

Diaper bags!!

They have ample pockets, waterproofing, storage, will fit my laptop, and are freaking adorable!
I am a convert...I don't care that I dont have kids...I will never be ashamed of carrying
a diaper bag in substitution of a backpack.
now the only problem is getting hubs to agree that hundreds of dinero
is totally worth it for this: