Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eff the Comp

So, sometimes I think about the ridiculous things that happen to me... and it seems that I am the butt end of every joke. Seriously could this really be happening to me?

Exhibit A:
I have been applying for Internships all over New York. I want to go there so bad my teeth hurt. My number one choice is Ghislaine Vinas. Look her up...she is incredible and so inspired. I LOVE her.

Monday I get an email....she wants to interview with me. ME? really? could it be that all my dreams are coming true? I was so nervous. I asked everyone for good interview questions and picked out a funky yet dressy top and I had a great  hair day.

I did everything possible to prepare. I went home an hour before the SKYPE interview....yes Skype, meaning she could see my face while we talked her in new york, me in Lo. I made sure the wall behind me was blank and undistinguished. I closed the blinds 3/4s of the way, and opened the curtains half way to ensure the perfect amount of light diffusion and a warm glowy incandescent light above me. I took off my shirt and walked around while preparing to ensure there would be no tacos due to nervous amounts of sweating. I set up the laptop, asked the people who live below us to be quiet and not get on the internet.....aka don't play x box while your 2 year old screams bloody murder and the bass makes my dishes vibrate. I took a drink of water to ensure no dry mouth, I wrote out cues on my sticky notes and posted them on my laptop on either side of my camera on the laptop to ensure it would appear I was speaking to her whilst giving an incredibly deep and professional answer.

I called, no answer, so I called the office and they set it up. She answered....SHE answered. My heart was racing. we started the interview..."why a double major?" I answered beautifully, skills? you bet I got em....and then it happened.

My computer turned completely off. mid. interview.

Panic ensues....not this time...please no! I turn it back on and call her back 2 min later. I tell her the snow  made the power go out. then she can't see me in my video. I hang up and try to fix it.

10 min later. I call her back.
she STILL can't see me.

Oh well she says and we continue the interview. With no video.  The rest of the interview went ok...but seriously, I am up against people from Parsons and FIT and the lowly Utah State girl?
Can't get her crap together.

Screw you computer....because you SURE screwed me!
Seriously people I can't make this crap up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

called and gone

My baby bro is now on a mission. My broseph is now married. My baby sister is turning 8 this week, and my grandma is about to call it quits in the game of life. 

My life is changing. 

I am sad about the way things change. Its always hard to let go of the past. Of the people you love. 

Sometimes I miss the way things were, its hard to say goodbye, accept change, get closure. 

But what else can you do, but evolve, accept, and move on?

I am trying, I may not be succedding, but trying is better than not right? 

evolution sucks, boo on you darwin.