Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last weekend my brother Shane, my sister Molly, and My cute Hubby, and I kidnapped our youngest broseph Dillon. We walked into my parents house and said, "Dillon! You just won the Superbowl, what are you gonna do next?" and he looked at us like we were crazy. So we tried again..."you just won a million dollars, what are you going to do next?" and he still looked at us like we were nuts. We all just kept grinning at him and pointing at him, and slowly with a look of slight confusion he said "im going to disneyland." In the most unexciting way possible. Our response? We screamed and cheered and replied with..YEAH YOU ARE! Go pack, we leave in twenty! He took a solid twenty minutes to be convinced it was real. Then we were off! We drove through the night and it was cramped 5 full adults in my dad's tiny camry, but it was so fun! We ate junk food and took turns picking songs on our ipods to share with the group. My favorite was the group participation of Jukebox hero. 

When we finally made it, we got our tickets and got into the park! It pretty much rained the first day. which sucked and we left the park early to get out of the sopping wet clothes and check into our cheap  hotel. 

We spent a total of 15 hours between California and Disneyland on Sunday and although we had moments of flared tempers, usually due to lack of food, we had the best time ever. EVER!! I really liked the family bonding and the funnel cakes. We have awesome photos, and even better memories. Especially when it comes to the Funnel cakes, push-up contests, ugly face contests, boys ganging up on the girls and calling it a fair vote,(totally NOT fair) and waiting in the never ending line for Space Mountain.

Monday was a long drive home in the cramped car again. Believe me sitting in the middle between to almost grown men...not comfy. 

Although we had no money to do this, and even though we never have enough time together, never enough time for homework, too much time wasted on unimportant things, I will never forget that weekend. NEVER. I can't remember the last time I spent that much time laughing and enjoying my siblings. It breaks my heart a little to be honest. Its the beginning of a lot of changes in our little family and I can feel the shift starting to happen. My brother Dillon is leaving on a mission to West Virginia for two years. My brother Shane is getting married in a week. My sister is starting her own life and soon Ty and I will graduate and move on. Every time I go home I take a moment to inventory how fast my baby sisters, who really are no longer babies, are growing up. I hate being away from them. It seems we never have the time to do the things we want to. So for the first time in a long time, I took a breath. I didn't do my homework, I didn't work, I didn't stress over the student loans that are drowning my hopes of ever traveling to Thailand. I just exhaled, and savored the sweet moments of life.

I am truly blessed.