Thursday, October 30, 2008

If I Get One More Tag, I Might Kill My Bestest Friends With Dental Floss!

Oh I hate doing these things. However I feel completely obligated because count them......ALL of my bloody friends tagged me and since that makes me a complete lame a#& if I dont do it. Thus I have given in against all my fighting in my head and here are my weirds:

1. I have an insanely large fetish with large rings. It doesn't matter whether they are cheap, expensive, old, new, or tacky....I love them all. You will almost never ever catch me with out a honkin big ring on my middle finger of my right hand. It is like a bra for me. I feel all loose and uncomfotable without them. Currently I own over 17ish rings. I want more. I need more. Oh Baby Oh Baby!

2. I love to read those cheap paperback books you see in the checkout line at the supermarket. I love the mystery ones with a splash of trashy romance. Shh....Don't tell the Bishop!

3. I have a hard time spending more than $20 on any item of clothing except when it comes to jeans.....dropping 150 bones on a slick pair of denim is like breathing for me. I have a slight addiction to dark denim, with supple wear and tare and thick stitching! Kill Me Now!

4. My husband makes fun of me because anytime I go to a restaurant or make something ridiculously dilicious, I get so excited, and I bounce in my seat, I am fidgety and impatient waiting for the rich succulence to bounce off my tongue, and then as soon as it hits my mouth; FOODGASM! I am not even kidding you. Its like my toes curl in passion and my eyes roll back in my head as a slight moan of pleasure rumbles in my throat. I swear if it were sex or food, there would be no contest!

5. So I called my best friend in question of, What in the world are my quirks , becasue obviously to me, it would seem all normal. Well Apparently I talk with my hands like its going out of style. I said to her, everyone talks with their hands, and she says, no no no You really talk with your hands. I swear she could figure out what I am saying just by my hand movements.

6. The soap to faucet ratio, this is the end of time when a certain eternal ball and chain of mine, doesn't comply to the OCD ness that is my soap to faucet ratio. The soap has to be in the exact 45 degree angle to the handle of the faucet, and at least 4 inches away. The soap pump needs to be facing the sink diagonal to the faucet, and the label should be a flat plane following the arc of the sink bowl. The towl will be placed opposite side of the sink from the soap. There can be no soap on the bottle or rsidue of anykind. Just clean pure soap. Now have no fear if you ever come to my house, I will not be mad at you. It doesn't bother me when other people mess it up. Just husb.

There ya have it. My all too showing quirks. Ihope you are happy. If you speak of this to me, I will pretend I don't know what you are talking about....WINK!