Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let's talk about S baby..

Let's talk about STRESS baby, let's talk about you and me....
Seriously though. What is stress? Stress is what I look like every minute of the day. Stress is what makes my ever so relaxed, smart, analytical husband fold like a lawn chair. SMACK! Down for the count and he ain't resurfacing till the sun is shining and I have reclaimed all the pieces of the mess whilst going blind gluing each tiny piece back together. Stress is me writing this post at 3:30 in the morning. Stress is the reason that at 22 I feel the need to use an age defying face wash and moisturizer. Do wrinkles exist at 22? Honey please, wrinkles exist at all times in the land of Megan. Whether butt or face, same diff still there! Stress is why while I should be sleeping right now, I can't. I am too wound up. Stress is why my A word won't quit and my upper arms wave back to me. Stress is why I have given up on what used to be great group of friends and is now divided into the Montague's, and the Capulet's. Stress is why I can multi-task like the British are coming. I remember as a wee young lass, thinking how wonderful it would be to have a husband. He would be there for me. He would bring me flowers and buy me presents. He would do the dishes and make me romantic dinners. So what happened? I will tell you what happened! The minute I married him, an invisible tattoo was placed on my forehead that says "may I please have another job?" Now for all of you who could see this...Rude I hate you for not telling me it was there. And as for me, I have taken up Rastafarian hats. What is it about men, that the second it gets a little hairy they hit the ground running, it's like the little roadrunner cartoon, only we are the coyote's and the anvils are stacks of dishes and laundry. Don't worry though, I have a plan! A plan! A Plan! guess what it is? I will be the best wife, friend, student, housekeeper, mother (someday), employee, designer, daughter, and sister. Then I am going to be committed. Because there I will be able to sit in the peace and quiet, eat a prepared meal while it is still warm, and read twilight as much as I want, and with a jumpsuit, i will have no stress picking out what I will be wearing the next day. I will lounge on my cot and listen to the sweet sound of insane silence.

Friday, January 16, 2009

'08 was Great!

So obvioulsy I am horrible at keeping up at this continually blogging thing. So instead of writing a post I am going to show you all what my '08 was like! Me and the Husb and our fam and friends! Oh don't worry...there will be captions! As if I could keep my mouth shut for more than 2 minutes...NOT! Hey! Remember when people used to say that ll the time? Not! Well I apprarently did not get he memo that is not cool anymore. Duh duh duuuuuuh! Ok anyway, without further ado, her is our 2008 in Pictures!

I started the year out right by enjoying some mocktails with my best friend Meag!

Ty and I went to Europe with some awesome friends! All so we could get attacked by these lovely Italian pigeons!

Here we are in Paris, at the Louvre, We were in Paris for Valentines Day! I know so romantic right?

My Friend Kat and I just taking a break at Notre Dame!

For our two year anniversary in May, we went to St. Georgy and had a lovely honeymoon revival...WINK!

We went to Hawaii with my fam for a little over a week. The best Family Vaca ever!

Don't Worry he deserved it!

Let me tell you how our days were spent there.....Tyler dug two to three really deep holes a day on the beach. Then he would sit in them and let them fill back up on him....He's a Keeper!

....and of course, we got crispy fried!

Nikki finally got married! Here we are the 3 Megans. All bridesmaids, all beautimous!

With the wedding came my favorite. This is like one of my most beloved pictures of us...she helps me to try and stay sane.

This is waht happens when she is true colors SHINE!

I learned to be really good at Wake surfing and Wakeboarding. This is me surfing for like 1/2 an hour without the Rope! That's right!

Ty is of course way better than I am...He is always such a pro!

These are all my friends in Lehi at my farewell dinner! I miss them so much! But things change when you decide to go back to school!

I got a visit form my fam for Homecoming! It was so much fun and I miss them terribly!

My sisters all took turn trying on the Chester the Molester mustache...very attractive.

Apparently she is Chester the Gangster?!?

Shhh....He still doesn't know how creepy he looks in his sleep!

My sister and I had Megan and Molly's weekend o' fun '08. She is awesome!

White man can't jump.....White women can!

Ty's fam...kicked it logan style with us for x mas this year.

We are so in love

Super cute sis in law!

Family Photo we gave to ty's mom....She loves it...I know it!

We all decided the best way to feel the spirit of Christmas was to adorn one of the many christmas sweaters that ty's mom owns....needless to say, WE. ARE. SO. HOT.

Pop ya collar!

I hope this was as fun for you all to look at as it was for me. Many more things happened this year that we did not get the chance to photograph or mention, but the jist of it is, we are incredibly blessed to have so many awesoem friends and wonderful family! We want everyone to know how thankful we are for the people in our lives. We love you! We look forward to sharing another year full of great times! Happy new year to you all....even though it is January 17th!