Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss Independent

Its funny how independent you think you are. I consider myself a really independent person. I have all sorts of goals and dreams. In Europe I was courageous and adventurous. I was not shy about acting touristy and exploring the world around me. I eat new things and try new things all the time. Turns out this is a complete lie. I am such a CHICKEN. I decided I wanted to start running, well apparently I am too scared because there "could" be bad guys out there. In Logan. Living directly below the temple. Yep Probably waiting right outside my door, to spring on me and carry me away to Candy Mountain to steal my Kidneys. I don't actually know what kidneys do, but I feel like I should try and keep them off the black market and inside my abdomen.
Just a thought.

I sleep with the lights on. My hubby works in the UC all week. I am alone in my house. ALL. Night. Why? Because the Crocodiles live under my bed and bad guys can come in my window that is three stories up. This way I can see them as they approach and can quickly dial 911 on my phone that I sleep with on my chest.
You know......just in case.

Being 24 is so cool. You get to feel like a grown up.........
Even if you may not act like it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet Absence

I am bored. I want to work out yet lack the energy to get a gym pass....and yet every morning when I get in the shower and look at my soft, flabby body....I say today is the day! I will workout and get a gym pass!!! But I got news for you.....it ain't gonna happen!

I am dieting currently to reduce the weight so recently gained with joyous pleasure form my New Orleans trip........and the fact that I apparently didn't feel like I needed to stop the eating of fatteningly delicious food with reckless abandon. OOOPS! Ha ha I would like to say I was hating myself the whole time...but I was not...I felt like I was given wings. Flying in a heavenly sky of sweet treats and fabulously salty fries! Then when I finally weighed in a month later. Lets just say I was hoping gravity weighed more than normal and I somehow became the victim of 10 pounds of water weight....he he he. NOT HAPPENING! yowser. my life sucks...but my stomach is ripe and satisfied and possibly a little roley poley.

So today I have eaten lettuce and chicken. (I may have "accidentally" snuck 10 chocolate chips, a girls gotta keep up the choco quota) I miss everything I can't eat and its only day two! eff.

So what does Megan think is a great idea to abide her time at home in front of the laptop? Hanging out with Bakerella, and Amy Atlas. Awesome.
This means that all I do is stare at fabulous desserts, getting recipes I can't make and dieing inside. Seriously I am actually crying inside...I actually heard my stomach scream with pain! (ok so it is entirely possible that it was a hunger growl, but still) Save me someone! I need a distraction, and more celery.