Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 is my favorite number..except yesterday it was 3.

Yesterday was Tyler and I's anniversary. Three years and counting! I can't believe it has gone so fast! We had a great time! We Checked into the Providence Inn B&B on Sunday night and stayed up late watching movies and eating junk food. We also took a lovely bath in a huge jetted tub. All thanks to John and Arlette our friends/employers the whole thing was free! We stayed in the New Orleans room...a special tribute to the only other love of my life. Wink! So we slept in watched more movies and ate our favorite foods all day! We had Indian food for lunch and Thai food for dinner! We watched a total of five movies from Sunday night to Monday night..one of which was our wedding video which I still love to this day. I know I am a HUGE nerd! We were incredibly lazy and I am feeling the effects of our over indulgence and laziness today as my midsection is nice and snug in my pants! OOPS! But the most monumental..super incredible thing of all that we did on our anniversary this year was...........WE FINALLY PICKED OUR WEDDING PHOTOS! Shhh...a moment of silence if you will. The ending of a three year procrastination is nothing to take lightly. I feel so incomplete without this nagging, uncomfortable pinch in the back of my ars. How will I go on? It is weird and I might not be able to be ok. Is this what having food storage feels like? If so..there is no way I am doing that.

This is one of the pictures that I love from my wedding that I didn't know I had until yesterday when I chose my photos. I know its a little late to finally post wedding photos but hey..its like brand new and shiny to me still!
Down to the nitty gritty. Although Ty and I have experienced our fair share of ups and downs we have never been happier, truly. I feel like we are more in love than is possible. We are so blessed and have a lot of the peace and sanity in our little family because of the people in our life who have been so supportive and understanding. We have had some of our biggest "growing experiences" ( I put that word in quotes because that is what glass half full Megan would say, but the real me, the this glass is ugly and not fancy enough to grace my presence let alone the 1/4 cup of old juice in the bottom Megan refers to these "experiences" as the S*@! hitting the fan days o fun) and have come out on top. We have basically had the life of a soap opera. But who doesn't eh? Ok so here is the low down on what three years has been like:
Moved: 6 times in 2 1/2 years
Made my husband mad enough to actually yell at me: 3 times
Babies: 0
Baby scares: 2
# of Universities attended: 2
Gone to Europe: 1
Miles put on the car: 75,000
# of jobs had: 6
Amount of Indian/Thai food consumed: 100 pounds (jk I really don't know)
Heard Tyler Swear: 4 times
Made too much food for dinner: Everyday
Fought in public: too many to count
Wanted to kill each other: ALMOST everyday
Fought about nothing due to my hormones: 36 times
Trips to the hospital resulting in pirate attire: 1
Concussions: 2
Switched sides of the bed: 6
Road trips:12
Gotten drink off of chicken: 1
Ty complained about my bobby pins everywhere: 1,395 days
# of times threatened to throw the x box against the wall: every time I see it
# of I Love Yous: like infinity times 100
Falling in love with each other again and again: Priceless
Ok so I know that was cheesy but I could not resist! All in all we are so happy and so excited to see what the next 3 years will bring. So this is to the future...Please BE KIND!
PS to my husband, you are everything I never knew I wanted, and I love you more than I ever thought I could. Thank you.