Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happily Ever After the Poo!

The weeks fly by in lil old LO! Lets catch up shall we? Ty and I are going crazy with school. We sit and think of all the things that would be fun to do (WINK!) if we were not so tired from being so busy. My Bestest Friend came into town and I LOVED IT! She is a babe, and mine, so I won't share and don't try to be her friend. Her name....Psych! Like I would actually tell you! Anyway it hit me the other day while I was emptying a garbage can with pubic hairs, and DIRTY adult diapers, that sometimes life is not what you imagine it to be. Now why you might ask would such a thing occur when I have a face full of SH!&* would such a thought arise? Because you see when ever in my life did I imagine myself cleaning rooms at a bed and breakfast to put my husb and I through school? Never, however just because I never thought of myself with a poopy face, doesn't mean I am disappointed. By no means. I am so lucky! I live in a place that is literally called Mansion! Who do you know that can say "Oh I live in a mansion!?" Thats right no one! Cept me. Also there are perks like receptions held at my mansion on the weekends with free food and no need to dress up or wait in line. I get all the perks of a wedding reception with none of the crap! Its pretty cool! I am not trying to tell everyone look at me I am awesome more like, even though sometimes it sucks, it is always worth it in the end. Sweet moments or pure joy with my hubby, discovering a new love, whether shoes or sketching, life is a constant rollercoaster of euphoric bliss and poop with pubes in it. However we imagine our happily ever after to be, not many imagine it the way it actually is. But are we less in love because its not? NO in fact I think it makes it that much better. So the ending of my fairy tale for this week consists of homework, cleaning, breakfast, movies on the Sofa, and tuna sandwhiches.....Can Life get better? I submit that it cannot!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too Much and Too Little Time

So over the past three weeks Ty and I have been adjusting to life in the Great White North....well Logan anyway. You would think that starting school and having a low key job would give you the time you need to relax, finish projects, and center your chi.....NOT SO MUCH! Where is the time...Seriously! I see women with children and callings and jobs and home cooked meals every night and I think, Wow I am seriously out of control! Kudos to all the mommas of the world! How do you do it? I struggle to get my husband a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner most days! Its like come on make your self a dang quesadilla! Which....(tangent approaching warning warning!) Why on Earth my wonderful adoring, sweet, sensitive, sexy, Patient Husband can't make himself a dang quesadilla for dinner when I am not home is beyond me! Right, I will be busy and not get home until late like tenish and he still has not eaten dinner....why you ask? Is he just not hungry? NO! Is he just too busy with school and the Inn? NO! Is it that he is TOO patient and instead of making himself dinner, he will literally starve himself, patiently mind you, until I can come home and make him a proper meal! Does that make sense to anyone? Because that just blew my mind! Little does he know that proper meal for a growing man, amounts to bread with cheese melted...Ha Ha Sucker JOKES ON YOU! Anyway back to the original plan, why oh why can i not have one of those time turner things like(prepare for it, a nerd moment approaching) Hermione Granger? I wish it to be true and alas it is not..........
Well to be quite honest with you, I could have time if I wanted it, If I budgeted more carefully, I know this is true because somehow I find myself watching 90210 and priveledged every tuesday night. THis makes no sense in the first place because A. I never liked the original 90210 B. I don't really enjoy watching it, C. I am a whiner with nothing to back my case as to why my time is too little. Thus, I must admit I am null and void, however I still think Moms Rock, and someday I will be that organized lady with everything undercontrol and doing it in a pair of Manolos!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hawaii.....Thats right!

Pier One Date Night...I know his HAIR!

Taking brosky to the MTC. Megans Fam