Friday, March 2, 2012

hey there ho there

Alive? Yes.
dead tired? Yes. 

Just making a quick check in. Here whats happening in our neck of the woods!
Tyler got his internship that he wanted. SO we are going to Oregon for the Summer. 
We are so excited and even though it may turn out that we sleep on an Air Mattress all summer, 
and living off anything you can microwave, it will be a great adventure!
Bonus!!! We will actually be in the same place at the same time 
I can't even remember the last time we did that. 

Other news, I was awarded the outstanding senior of the year- award. Which is pretty cool I guess. 
I was completely shocked because I have some incredible colleagues in my 
program. The whole fam damily came up for the event and I got a fancy drink at Olive Garden 
after. Which was the coolest part of the night. For shizzle. 

Ty went to Dallas for an award he won, from the Helicopter Expo. 
he got two free tickets and $2500 towards his tools that he has to buy. I am so
freakin proud of that kid. Plus he got to go to the Expo for free and geek out about flying things for like 3 solid days. He came back with lots of swag and humongous grin. :)

We are going to Mexico for spring break with the fam. I am real excited to get some sun time
and hopefully a little tan to go with my freckles. yeah right....a girl can dream. 

I am graduating on May 5th!!!!! I can't believe it, its finally here! The day I have been waiting for through all the all nighters, the agonizing pointless busy work, and all. that. money. 
I am finally going to finish. I feel like I just realized my ruby 
slippers can take me home, by just clicking them together. Except my slippers cost a lot of moulah. 

So that's where we are. Trucking along and hoping to make it to Spring. Which apparently Logan forgot should be around the corner because we have been getting crazy blizzards all week!


Reina and Tyler said...

a few things:
1. oregon!? i'm finally getting home in may and now you say you're moving to oregon? boo!
2. you and your husband are both outstanding in my book.
3. i need to see more updates!

Jen said...

That is rad. Way rad. And Oregon sounds awesome. Have fun! Kudos on your awards!