Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DC to CL

Lots has happened, None that is exciting. 
My ulcer is much better now that  I am on strict order from doc to never again drink diet coke....

Moment of Silence for the loss of a DEAR friend.

On the plus side I haven't woken up with searing pain in my abdomen for over a week.
However I am also off grain....like all of them. 
I don't know if you know me or not, But I am a Carb girl. 
Like, it lights up my life in  a way that
makes my husband jealous and
my family and friends embarrassed to take me out in public. 

despite all the set backs, I am actually a lot healthier and less tempted by 
They that shall not be named. 
( this is what we call bread and cake and treats now, not out of fear like in the Voldemort/Harry
issue but more in the pining loss of the meaning in your life, kind of way. ) 

I have however substituted my addiction with crystal light lemonade and 
sauteed zucchini. 
Us addicts always have to have something to be fixated on right?

The only reported loss so far was when I got mad at my husband for having an adorable teeny, tiny, tooshy. Why does he get to have a slammin body when he doesn't even care that much about it? 
Curse him and his perfect body. 
Serious I get naked and you can literally feel the house shudder. 

 Well that's all for now, lost in the land of studio, Netflix, and Crystal Light Lemonade. 


Jesse&Amber said...

whaaat i only read as far as the diet coke part. that's wack. I had a murderous ulcer earlier this year and my doctor said my diet was fine and sometimes they just happen..so I kept on with my dc bev and thanks to some hard drugs I am good to go!

ellenbush said...

megs i love you and think you have a sexy bod! stick to the plan, it's always good to take a break from things. I was off Diet Coke for a year once- it was for the same thing- stress ulcers. yikes!

Jen said...

I'm seriously sorry for your new diet coke ban. You should know you look slammin. I totally get the mega fit husband thing though. AK was off doing triathlons while I was getting fat growing our cute baby. And now my 2 week post baby body is super gross and flabtastic...so much work to do! I envy your body...just so you know that somebody does.